Presentation: The Lenox Globe, YouTube, and the Future of Venture Capital

The following is from a presentation I gave today at the Ottawa Venture & Technology Summit. The subject was the Lenox Globe, YouTube, and the future of venture capital.

[Update] A few people have commented about “hic sunt dracones” , and the controversy over its non-appearance in historical maps. That controversy was a main jumping-off point in my presentation, not an issue of which I was unaware.


  1. Nice looking preso. Would have loved to hear the voicetrack.
    Is the Weinberg quote from a talk, or does it appear in “print” somewhere?

  2. here be lions says:

    So how is WebEx going to survive when slideshare opens up to full public use?

  3. When you get a second, can you tell us what you were saying about water? Seems interesting…

  4. Blue Daisies says:

    Yes, the voicetrack would be nice. Any chance we can hear that as well?

  5. Don Bashline says:

    Thanks for the slides! Do you have any invites available for Slideshare?

  6. Interesting slides – would be keen to find out what the voiceover was for the maps section – mapping out the digital media market close to our hearts!