Me on CNBC

I’m on CNBC’s “On the Money” tonight at 4:40PST talking Microsoft. Check your local listings, etc.

[Update] The segment will be up on The YouTube shortly. Be sure to use The Google to find it, if you don’t see it right away.


  1. All the cool people use The Google these days…
    (who says no one listens to their leaders anymore?)

  2. “The Google” is that one of those things on “The Internets”? Does it look like a truck?

  3. Well, I can’t find it using The Google or The YouTube.
    There is this random odd bit of violence against PK, though:

  4. Hey Paul, a YouTube search of Kedrosky returned three results. I promise not to look at the third really silly one with your pix on it. (don’t want to make it popular.) Hope to see the real video soon.