Larry Summers to Harvard: Brrrzzzzt!

Well, it’s nice to see Larry Summers has landed on his feet, ahem, after being (wrongly) caterwauled out of Harvard’s presidency:

D.E. Shaw hires former Treasury Secretary Summers
By Alistair Barr
Last Update: 7:00 PM ET Oct 19, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — D.E. Shaw said on Thursday that it hired former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers as a managing director. Summers will work part time advising the $25 billion hedge fund firm on strategy, portfolio management and operations, D.E. Shaw added. Before joining D.E. Shaw, Summers was president of Harvard University. He served as Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration.

Nothing says “screw you” to those silly Harvard sorts quite like being pushed out of a low-seven-figure full-time job for an (almost certainly) higher-paying part-time job.