Ken Lay: No Longer Guilty

Judge Sim Lay of Texas signed a decision today dismissing the judgement against former Enron executive Ken Lay. New evidence? Change of heart? Enron’s resurgence?

No. Instead you can blame Lay’s death on July 5th, plus the Supreme Court’s “rule of abatment” that says

“death pending direct review of a criminal conviction abates not only the appeal but also all proceedings had in the prosecution from its inception.”

Sure, death is not likely to ever become a popular approach in avoiding a conviction, it has affected the Lay case — despite him having been convicted, back on May 2th, on all ten counts with which he was charged.


  1. now what if you fake your own death, then come back in ten years? does this mean they cant convict you again?

  2. this reminds me of the part in the Godfather trilogy when Tom the consigliere goes to visit stool-pigeon Pentangeli (sp?) and tells him about how the Roman legion used to let a failed general committ suicide and in return they’d spare his family.
    Not to intimate that the Enron boys operated like the godfather movies…heavens no.

  3. The unfortunate side effect is that now all his unlawfully acquired wealth is shielded from legal action.