HP’s Board Behavior: Bad, Bad, Bad, Says Carly

From ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina’s new memoir Tough Choices:

“Some board members’ behavior was amateurish and immature. Some didn’t do their homework. Some had fixed opinions on certain
topics and no opinion at all on others. Some members were bored and
distracted during important agenda items like leadership development or
corporate social responsibility.”

Does this really comes as a surprise to Fiorina? It sounds like every real-world board in which I’ever been involved. Did she really think that people wouldn’t tune out during subjects like “corporate social responsibility”? C’mon Carly.


  1. A couple of points:
    1) She must be loving this! Free PR for her payback time in the sun!
    2) NYT leads on her autobio: “In it, Ms. Fiorina reveals a good deal of resentment over her firing.”
    DUH! Not like she’s ever held a grudge or anything …
    3) Sure it’s easy to pile on a bitter Carly, but you do have to remember – she did win a proxy battle the likes of which had never been seen before…
    AND she’s probably right that the economy was the key to HPs resurgence, and her plans had something to do with it…

  2. SD Law Student says:

    I think that HP’s resurgence had a lot more to do with Mark Hurd’s aggressive reorganization and cost cutting, especially in the IT department, than it did with a good economy. Also, I think she sounds either naieve or disingenuous in her criticisms of HP’s board.