Hey, Naked People on MySpace Love Me

Unintentionally funny quote part-way through an otherwise sweaty WSJ article trying to make trouble for MySpace:

[James Kalyn] kept receiving friend requests from half-naked female strangers through his MySpace page. Clicking on a request usually led to a profile that turned out to be an ad for a pornography site. At first, Mr. Kalyn was excited that “these hot girls allegedly wanted to be my friend.” But after looking at a few profiles, he realized: “If it’s a picture of someone fairly attractive, they’re probably not my friend in real life.”

Reminds me of an email joke that got forwarded around a few years ago:

To: All
Re: Warning. Please forward to women friends

Please forward this e-mail to all your women friends:

If a man knocks on your front door and says he’s conducting a survey and asks you to show him your breasts, don’t. This is a scam – he only wants to see your breasts.


P.S. I wish I’d received this e-mail yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap.


  1. Funny, I had the same experience at MySpace. Even though my screen name was ‘Anita’, I still got plenty of half naked women requesting to be my friend. Actually, I got just as many men wanting me to be half naked as well. I posted the results of my little MySpace test Oct 29th at my silly (work appropriate) humor blog, thought you might like to see it:
    Say No to Crack

  2. You find the funniest things when you Google your own name.
    Two comments:
    1)- I was actually trying to be funny with that closing comment. It… didn’t quite work when written down, though. Oh well.
    2)- The interview with the reporter was quite interesting, in that I never brought up getting fake friend requests and I never said that was a reason why I quit using MySpace. She had made her own mind up as to why people were leaving MySpace, asked leading questions to support her point, and embellished my answers in her article. I wrote more about it here, not that it really matters anymore.