GooTube Conference Call: Live Updates

Some live thoughts from the call:

… Eric starts things off by saying, somewhat archly, that they’re coming to us live from “YouTube World Headquarters”.

… Eric is emphasizing that they will be making “many” acquisitions in video. Oye, there’s the comment that will float a lot of venture-backed boats

… Everyone is welcoming everyone, and the YouTube guys are reading from prepared statements, which is surprising coming from people with a video site showing cats vomiting.

… Sergey is reminiscing about the early days of Google, which is nice, if a little off-putting given Google is only slightly older than
my oldest son.

… So far there has been zero chemistry among the collected company founders.

… Oh-oh, Mary Meeker is up first. Wish I could do live word count. She want to know about integration, also a plan to go to media company, also tagging, also … you know, it’s Mary. Somewhere there is a question in there.

… First useful question: Why do this when you have Google Video? My answer. Google Video is going nowhere. Eric puts it differently, saying it has “lots of interesting partnerships”, possible the most tepid recommendation I have ever heard.

… Question: Why all-stock deal? Answer: Tax-free, and cheaper for Google, of course. And also because we can, damn it.

… Pretty uneventful call so far, other than watching the soft-shoe over what happens to Google Video. No, no, really, we’re not killing it off. Really.


  1. YouTube has a surprisingly bad interface. If google does nothing more than improve the search and filtering mechanism, it will be a great improvement. Unfortunately, Google Video is even worse, so there’s no real information sharing there.

  2. What was underscored in the call for me was how social networking came out of left field for Google. This is their catch up play. With YouTube they get the “next generation internet” (Eric’s words) with the hyperactive video space at the same time.

  3. I think Google Video may yet live on, as the more ‘staid’ video hosting site.
    YouTube’s great name/positioning and execution has made them synonymous with ‘fun/edgy/underground video entertainment’.
    In contrast, GV has been hobbled vs. YouTube by its blah name. ‘Google’ is a great brand, but it already means something else: utilitarian search. ‘Google’ can’t be slapped in front of any other generic term — like ‘Video’ — to come up with a winning name for other markets. I suspect this acquisition shows they’re coming to understand this, and we’ll see less “Google [X]” and more “[InterestingName] (a Google Company)” in the future.
    Still, GV could become the home for ‘edifying’ content — news, education, travel, product review stuff — while YouTube gets the fun music/comedy/drama/art. GV could also be the ‘type to find’ search portal for video results from many sites, while YT is the ‘click to surf’ home of personalities, channels, and serials.

  4. GooTube is a nice name for youTube and Google Integration. I found this cute mashup of YouTube and Google Maps