Fun with Internet Video Statistics

comScore’s new release tonight containing Internet video data is fascinating stuff. Among other things, comScore says that the total U.S. streaming audience in August of this year was 110.3 million people (each of whom averaged 2 video streams a day).

To put the preceding figure in context, there are 65,500,000 U.S. basic cable subscribers, and 110,900,000 U.S. television households in total. The online streaming audience is currently as large as the number of Americans with televisions, and almost double the number of homes with cable. And unlike either television-related figure, the online video market is growing nicely: It was up 4% from the July figure.


  1. True — but that number would include anyone who watched even part of a clip from YouTube of kittens in a Kleenex box or whatever, right? Not exactly the same as the prime-time TV audience.

  2. Also, comparing online video viewers to homes with cable only works if everybody lives alone.
    That said, 100 million watching two videos per days is a big enough number to pay attention to. As of earlier this week, it’s 1/3 of the country!

  3. we should also look at the total time spent watching this online video content. The trick is that it is hard to do it. Plus, 4 mins spent watching 2 clips does not compare with hours in front of TV.