Declining Clips/User at Major Video Sites

While I hesitate to read too much into any one month’s results, Nick Gogerty of San Diego-based Inclue emailed me to say he has a post up about a quirk in the latest comScore data. I pointed earlier to the increasing audience size in an earlier post, but Nick’s has done some quick and dirty calcs to show the clips/user/month declined at most of the major video sites in August.

So, the obvious question, why, and does it matter? Certainly August is an unusual month, with many people on holidays and off the grid, so it wouldn’t be surprising, given that daytime is the new (online) primetime, that the number of videos people watched declined somewhat.  There are also methodological issues, with it difficult to know how much of a swing is created by changes in how comScore calculated things. Nevertheless, it’s food for thought, so thanks Nick.


  1. Paul, because of the relatively small sample size from both comScore and NNR, it is better to look at data on a rolling three month basis at the very least in order to iron out any sample quirks or errors.

  2. Agreed, hence my comment above about not reading too much into this. Nevertheless, it’s still interesting stuff, and worth tracking.

  3. remember, the data is for streams initiated, not watched partially, or completely.
    Part of the delta could be that the streaming has improved, so that users dont have to click a 2nd time to try to watch, or didnt have aborted streams that required a 2nd attempt.
    Yahoo sites do pure streaming, like they always have, while several of the others do progressive download.
    Its bizzare that the downsites were all down about the same though