Catching Up: Venture-Backed IPO Volume, Nanotech Report, and Angel Investors Arise

I’ve been busy with other things lately, so posting has been slow. Nevertheless, here are a few things worth scanning:

  • Venture-backed IPO volume tumbled in Q3 2006, turning in the slowest quarter since 2003, which was the slowest quarter in more than a decade (Thomson/WebWire)
  • Angel investing is growing, but increasingly diversified out of IT and into life sciences and elsewere, as well as into post-seed investments (UNH)
  • The Triennial Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative is dense reading, but worth a look, even if just for the data (NAP)


  1. “Venture-backed IPO volume tumbled in Q3 2006, turning in the slowest quarter since 2003..”
    Paul, this is clearly an indication of a problem I’ve been talking about for the last 12 months. Specifically, in the Web 2.0 world, there is an abundance of hype around “cool ideas” but a severe lack of attention on real applications with real customers, products/services, revenues and profits.
    I like Digg, YouTube and the other poster children but I’ve contended from Day 1 on this blog and others that their models are suspect at best.
    Evidently, Wall Street agrees.
    We need to focus on real W20 companies, even if it means giving up sizzle, while simultaneously encouraging start-ups to focus on real business models.
    Unfortunately, the whole Digg, YouTube, etc. craze has only served to inspire the development of more “cool tools” with little viability beyond Adwords.
    Like my dad always taught me. If they’re playing with it, it’s a hobby. If they’re paying you, its a business.
    Too many hobbies in W20, not enough business.
    p.s. I know VC backed IPO’s extend beyond the world of web companies but I’m assuming the lack of web IPO’s has contributed a substantial portion of the drop….and why there has been so much chatter around a YT IPO – “The Great Web Hope”.