Another Day, Another Monitoring Service

Another day, another monitoring service. Every time I turn around it seems like there is another monitoring service showing up — and you know if you need that sort of thing — and so now you can add Znitch to that list.


  1. paul, thanks for the writeup. your excitement level— well— =)
    but i will say the key unique deal we bring to the table is the plain html monitoring. you dont have to feed any rss or xml. its monitoring for everybody. simple.

  2. Paul, I’ve spun this for your perspective:
    Jason Calacanis of AOL and once stated that a secret of successful blogging is “fresh and frequent blog postings.” So readers subscribe to only the most frequently updated RSS Feeds leaving for-the-love-of-journalism-bloggers “under the syndication radar.” made it their mission to level the playing field and expose non-celebrity bloggers using what they call, “the opposite of RSS.”
    Larger blogs may not embrace the technology simply because may actually reduce recurring traffic. Readers of larger blogs visit several times a day in hopes of occasionally finding relevant and engaging content. ZNITCH would alert the user to return to a blog or website if and only if new content matching their search criteria was posted – eliminating casual browsing altogether. But for the smaller blog, a blog post alert system would do precisely the opposite.