Yahoo Finance: An Empty Shell?

Nick at Valleywag has noticed that Yahoo Finance may be becoming a hollow shell. Here are just some of the open positions:

Interesting — and not what Yahoo Finance needs in an increasing competitive financial portal business.


  1. They might be short a few hands, but they are making updates. They have a pretty neat ‘Streaming Quotes’ feature that seems unique in the free (read: ad-drive) financial portal world.
    I’d wonder more about Google Finance – it seems to be getting almost no love since launch.

  2. I realize only nutcases like me visit the Yahoo finance message boards, but the redesign there was and still is very damaging. The new design is not intuitive and its hard to follow. The problem with the old design was that big boards like GE or CSCO would get dominated by political discussion, but you can’t really improve the quality of message boards through design.

  3. seems yahoo finance losing steam, as is yahoo overall. sigh.