Wal-mart to do Digital Downloads

Buzzing is growing this weekend that Wal-mart is getting set to launch its own digital downloads service, a la iTunes and Amazon Unbox. While that should come as no surprise to readers of this site — I’ve been pointing out the inevitable collision between Amazon and Wal-mart for some time — how much longer can it be before the Bentonville brainstrust figures out that it would be better off buying Amazon?


  1. One problem with your long-posed theory that Wal-Mart is going to buy Amazon: they don’t know how to buy companies. The company’s been in one business it’s whole life and not strayed from that business. In order to do that, there’s likely been countless strategy sessions where the temptation to diversify through acquisition has been squelched.
    If they change directions now and make an acquisition such as Amazon, it’s likely they will overpay and underexecute the integration.