Wal-Mart Bluffs Amazon (But Not Me)

Oh, those shrewd game theoreticians in Bentonville, Arkansas. Speaking at AMD’s Global Vision Conference, Wal-mart’s chief marketing officer bluffed that the company doesn’t care about Amazon, calling it and its $10-billion in revenue “meaningless” against mighty Wal-Mart and its $300-billion in sales. Given that online account for a tiny 1% of Wal-Mart’s sales, he argued that it was basically a marketing expense for the super-retailer..

Clever. What better way to convince investors that a) Wal-Mart isn’t interested in Amazon, and b) that Amazon is irrelevant, than for Wal-Mart to declare Amazon irrelevant and unimportant. So … yes, I’m still predicting Wal-Mart is going to buy Amazon — what better way to grow their online presence quickly? — but those Wal-Mart guys are shrewder game theorists than I thought.

[Thanks John]


  1. Hi Paul,
    I think you may be giving too much credit to those “shrewd game theoreticians“. I personally thinks that this may simply be a case of “Smart Companies Do [or say] Dumb Things“. Will see.
    P.S. My most favourte CBC show where entrepreneurs get to pitch the ideas for money is going to be aired on Oct 4th. For more info, http://www.insidethedragonsden.com/

  2. Seattle and Bentonville cultures cannot possibly co-exist. Such a merger will be a disaster. Not quite on the scale of AOL and Time Warner, but probably not far.