The Other Real Estate Bubble: Magazines and Media

While the current downturn in the U.S. residential real estate market is widely understood, how about the media effect? I’m written here before about the impact on HGTV and other real estate networks and shows, but there are also magazines to consider. They will not escape unscathed.

I got to thinking about the preceding while wandering in Vancouver airport recently. The home and real estate section of one airport magazine store was floor to ceiling (the photo is below), which got me thinking: How many of these magazines existed ten years ago? How many will exist in ten years, or even five? Precious few, me-thinks.

Home magazines on airport rack

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  1. MN Realtor says:

    This is actually an article?? I guess just about anyone can get their blog to show up on Google.

  2. mano says:

    I agree with you . . the “dead-tree” dependent business will shrink further . . but will likely have a long tail . .

  3. Kate says:

    People are saying the bubble really is going to burst!

  4. Kate says:

    Specifically there is this comment worth checking out and commenting on…