The Mass Market Online is Here Now

Two things today reminded me how in some supposedly mainstream categories we’re only now seeing the true mass market come online:

  1. First, we have the N.Y. Times piece about World of Warcraft, with its 7-million subs, the largest group of whom are in China. This is the first truly mass-market online game, and even it has a long way to go before it reaches the mainstream.
  2. Second, we have new comScore data showing that online classifieds’ traffic is up 47% y-o-y, and penetration is now over 20%. Further, Craiglist traffic is up 99% y-o-y, which is staggering.

All of this is a worthwhile reminder, if needed, that you can judge nothing from noisy early adopters. You would have dismissed these categories, the latter one in particular, as old and uninteresting, if you watched early adopter behavior.


  1. that’s a great insight, Paul: “you can judge nothing from noisy early adopters”….
    so, how will this play out in the travel search space?