Thanks BusinessWeek, But …

I’m grateful to BusinessWeek for naming this site one of the best of the web, #2 behind TechCrunch, to be precise It’s always nice to be recognized.

That said, I’m a little puzzled at something: Why do none of the sites in the list actually link to the site in question? I have to confess I find the absence of hyperlinks … unusual.


  1. Paul,
    Gongrats for being on the list!
    On the funny side, I think, this is BusinessWeek’s way of a skill testing question! Remember those required skill testing questions in Canadian lotteries? e.g. What is 35 + 7 = ?
    Or may be BW is a partner of Google and want to make sure those that are not smart enough to Google paid by price of not visiting those sites!
    On a serious note, by not linking to these 10 sites, I am betting/guessing at least 30% (may be even 40%) of the people won’t bother to Google and check out these sites. What a shame.

  2. I read the Business Week article and I’m checking out your site. – Ron

  3. … and then you don’t link to TechCrunch. Not like Mike needs the traffic…

  4. Thanks to Business Week, I found your interesting blog site. I am based in Jakarta, Java, Indonesia and have the main interest in developing venture capital business in the country.
    Jakarta, Tuesday 26th September 2006

  5. Avi — Mike’s bigger than I am, but my traffic is so highly targeted, of course.