Sites Worth Scanning

I get sent links to oodles of sites, new and old, most of which I don’t pass along. Here, however, are a couple of sites worth scanning:

  • Nisan Gabbay (of Sierra Ventures) is putting yeoman effort into StartupReview, a pithy collection of his case studies on successful Net startups.
  • Chris Holt has a distinctive site called All About Alpha, wherein he opines on portable alpha, the bifurcation of alpha and beta strategies in investing, etc., all subjects upon which I have opined here at various times. Definitely worth a look, including for some unusual parallels Chris draws between the emergence of ETFs and the rise of the web.


  1. Hi Paul,
    Thanks very much for the mention of my site!

  2. Just catching up on newsfeeds – great site Nisan & thanks for sharing it Paul.
    Some great material there.