Reason #107 For Facebook Not Selling Sooner

Are you employed, sir?


You don’t go out and make a living  dressed like that in the middle of a weekday.

Is this a–what day is this?
— from The Big Lebowski (1998)

Here, apparently, is Reason #107 for Facebook not having been sold sooner, despite talks with Microsoft and Yahoo. From today’s WSJ:

During one series of talks with Microsoft, Facebook executives told their Microsoft peers they couldn’t do an 8 a.m. conference call because the company’s 22-year-old founder and chief executive, Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, wouldn’t be awake, says a person familiar with the talks.

…[Zuckerberg] says he generally works late — he recalls eating French fries recently in the parking lot of a local McDonald’s restaurant at 3 a.m. — and doesn’t get to work early. “I’m in the office at 10:30 a.m. sometimes,” he says.

While it likely goes without saying, if Facebook is somehow worth $1-billion, then YouTube must be worth, like, at least a zillion dude. Oh wait, apparently it’s not — yet.


  1. Great quote – from the greatest of the Coen Brother’s movies.
    However, I call BS on the alibi for not waking early, since I don’t think there is a McDonalds within a 10mi radius of Univ. Ave in PA that would actually be open at 3am!
    They all close around 11pm up here. Those would be some cold fries.

  2. Maybe it was beer, not fries? :)
    Anyway, Big Lebowski is one of the funniest movies ever made.