Realtime via GTalk at Morgan

Fitting into my thesis that open instant message platforms are the best vehicle for the next generation of realtime systems — even if they end up looking nothing like IM — is this news yesterday from J.P. Morgan:

JPMorgan’s Electronic Client Solutions (ECS) announced today the launch of AlgoAlert, an instant messaging service that provides unique charts as well as real-time updates of algorithmic trading performance and trading conditions such as halts and oversized orders. AlgoAlert can be received via a variety of email and instant messaging platforms including, AOL’s AIM service, the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service’s messaging system, and the Google Talk â„¢ instant messaging service.

Mind you, their mention of “dark pool” algorithms later in the release is more than a litlte spooky.


  1. Hmm, neither [dark pool algorithms] nor [dark pool algorithm] have any Google hits.
    Any idea what these are, and where JPMorgan might have “recently announced” same in such a way to avoid notice by the all-seeing googly eye?

    found by a search for [aqua arid].
    seems that dark pool probably refers to dark liquidity which are non public trading networks.