Me CNBC TV Tomorrow

I’m on CNBC’s On the Money tomorrow (Tuesday) at 4pm-ish PST to talk about Apple’s much-buzzed announcements.

Speaking of which, why is Apple, a relatively small company in the great scheme of things, able to garner so much attention for mere product announcements? What is it that makes people treat Apple press releases like front page news? I would love to know: You could bottle that stuff up and sell it.


  1. No. You can’t bottle that stuff up and sell it. THAT is what makes it so special! Nobody else has “it”.
    Ask Patrick Scoble what makes it so special and I bet he’ll come up with something like, “It’s just always cooler than everything else.” He’s 12 for crying out loud and he like millions of others of us are being sucked into the reality distortion field! Think he does that with any other platform? Doubt it. Imagine the lifetime value of Apple’s new customer base. It’s HUGE so long as they don’t pull a Patricia Dunn on themselves.

  2. the media has always liked Apple because they had great publishing platforms, cool consumer stuff…and then the media projects that ignoring the fact the traders, salespeople, accountants, more mainstream users don’t care about it…
    I would say Apple’s strength is about their discipline. They want a 10% segment of the market which is high margin, design savvy. It’s also the Nordstrom, Four Seasons way of going to market too…but don’t expect Toyota or Wal-Mart’s market share with that…

  3. Hi Paul,
    I think Apple, “a relatively small company”, gets the attention that it does because of the great design and engineering of their products. They try to give the user a really good complete experience when they use Apple stuff. Take iPod for example, when it seems like everyone is using one. It becomes news. And just in case this next thing is as cool as powerful as (iTune Music Store), the news media will always want to report it.
    By the way, can you post some of your CNBC discussion here after the show tomorrow please?