Inside HP’s Voodoo Acquisition

HP has announced it is acquiring Calgary-based Voodoo, a maker of uber-cool, high-end PC gaming gear.  There is a worth-reading post on it on the blog of a Voodoo founder. Entrepreneurs might want to give it a read for an inside look at how something like this came together.


  1. Voodoo at HP
    Not only interesting to read but interesting about how HP is following Dell’s lead in the marketplace. Given the time these discussions took, one wonders about the sincerity of Rhaul’s discussions with Michael. Perhaps some of the Voodoo comments about Dell were in fact motivated by competitive interest versus insight?
    More importantly, however, at Dell we continue to be about three steps ahead of VooDoo and HP. They have a ways to go.
    Six months ago we acquired Alienware, the leader in this field; our own XPS line, which just celebrated its one year anniversary with a gaming competition, is a line of products that is already beginning to incorporate technologies from high-end gaming for high-end PCs (something HP-Voodoo hope to do).
    The PC is really only personal again when the customer can customize their own product, directly with the manufacturer of the product. its personal because consumers buy configurations they want and need versus what is on the shelf of some store or old tech being cleared from inventory.
    We wish VooDoo well working up through the tech labs and product group to hopefully include some of their product “innovations.”
    In our situation, we are committed to leadership on this front, with Michael and others at Dell having over a year head start on HPs announcement. Michael himself is an avid gamer, who has been meeting other gamers and speaking at gaming conferences, so we dont need to “make the case” inside our business. We expect to continue our business leadership. See our corporate blog at for some video and information about gaming and the PC

  2. It's just a patent purchase. says:

    Voodoo PC sells less than 100 systems a month. Any Voodoo branded PCs you see outside of Calgary will be rebranded HPs…good 24 hour publicity for HP while they testify before congress.