Human Computation at Mozes

My friend Dorrian Porter at Mozes has unveiled Mozes Mob (Disclaimer: I am an advisor to the company), a great new mobile service that uses SMS and instant messaging to allow people to act like search agents in harnessing their local knowledge.

For example, you might ask Mozes Mob (as I recently did) where the best car washes are in San Diego. Local subscribers will ping back almost instantly, via IM or SMS, with answers to your question.

Why do people do it? Call it an example of human computation: People are better searchers than computers are, especially for local services, and they want to share that knowledge. It works, and it’s an insanely interesting app.


  • There is no good subject filtering yet, so you still get questions on subjects about which you don’t care. That’s irritating, but filters are coming(sayeth Dorrian).
  • Locale filters are not yet so good either, so you can get questions about geographies that you don’t want too. That too will change.
  • Finally, you cannot set personal limits on how many questions you receive per day. That too …etc.