Catching Up: J-Curve, Hedge Funds, Alpha Hunting, IPOs, VCs in China, and PC Forum

Here are a bunch of things worth reading, not all of which I may get to in longer form:

  • With hedge funds (Fortress, specifically) going public, we are officially at a hedge fund market top (N.Y. Times)
  • Venture investing in China has doubled year-over-year, but looks set to steady somewhat because of regulatory rule changes (IDD)
  • The J-Curve — things get worse before they getter — is a powerful notion with applicability beyond venture capital, so a new book on it is worth a look (Amazon)
  • Historically 79% of tech IPOs have underperformed the market (Forbes)
  • Thoughtful Economist piece on how the investing market is splitting into alpha specialists and beta specialists (Economist)
  • Esther Dyson nicely demontrates an under-used competitive strategy: When in doubt, declary victory (ZDnet)
  • Net of health care workers, the economy has added no new jobs since 2000 (BusinessWeek)
  • The Supreme Court is set to start posting same-day free transcripts of deliberations (Washington Post)
  • Child safety seats work … sort of … in certain cases (NBER)
  • Yahoo is trying to get its groove back, courtesy of a Caterina Fake-helmed incubator, hack day, etc. (TheStalwart)


  1. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for this collection of articles. I think I will steal this general idea of “bloggers’ digest”.
    Incidentally, I particular enjoy the articles on hedge funds in NYT, the Economist piece, Esther’s victory speech, and the Supreme Court’s same-day free transcripts article.
    And on this last bit, I am so happy that I live in Canada and CPAC shows Supreme Court of Canada (SCOC) proceedings with a few days delay. Many of the SCOC cases are suprisingly “interesting” to watch. My cheap way to learn about law selectively — watch SCOC proceedings and read SCOC decisions.