Catching Up: Elevator Pitch, Ibbotson on Hedge Funds, and Video Conferencing

I’ve been buried in meetings since the Demo conference earlier this week (which I was apparently the only one to find a little light). So here are a few quick things to try and get caught up:

  • Great new paper from Roger Ibbotson and Peng Chen on hedge fund returns and related performance measurement problems (SSRN via John K.)
  • The WSJ reports that video conferencing is booming, with people spending 8-10x more to get higher quality. I predicted a while back that business travel was at a tipping point, and this is further evidence.
  • A short video on making the elevator pitch, from a new CBC business reality show (YouTube via Sean Wise)
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  1. kempton says:

    I had the great pleasure to have an early look of CBC’s Dragons’ Den (the new CBC business reality show) and I really like it. Here is my early review,