A Froogle-Less Google

I take back every bad thing I ever said about Google. Okay, not every bad thing — okay, not even most of them. But I still applaud the company for apparently deciding to wind down the lamentable, underpowered, slow, under-featured Froogle. While I’m amazed they never put more effort into the product, it’s about time they recognized it was more or less nowhere in the price search/comparison market.


  1. I hope they don’t wind it down too much, as Froogle is extremely useful.
    It’s not an eBay killer, but I don’t want or need another eBay. I do, however, need a price comparison engine that’s integrated with my search engine, however. Being able to google info on product information, and then simply click over to Froogle and get the lowest prices is of definite value to me. Froogle has saved me a lot of money in the past, even if Google didn’t pocket much themselves in the process.
    As for performance, I think it’s pretty quick, especially considering all the searching, sorting, and images that dynamically load, which require far more bandwidth than the text of a Google search would require.