You Can’t Spend BusinessWeek Covers

Lots of people having fun with BusinessWeek’s unbelievably silly cover story on Digg. Cmon guys, Kevin’s a good guy, and Digg is nifty, but he hasn’t made $60mm from Digg, or $6m, or $600k, for that matter.


  1. Paul, this is the kind of hype you’d expect out of some ‘”pump and dump” e-mail stock spam that would go something like this:
    BW Stock Profile Of the Day – HOT HOT HOT
    HOT STOCK NOW – “$200 MILLION” ACCORDING TO PEOPLE IN THE KNOW! (stock symbol DIGG) is going to take off this morning because people in the know are valuing it at $200 MILLION!
    Don’t wait, this stock is going to take off and you are going to miss out on the next Google. Just look at these numbers!
    Revenues – $3,000,000!
    Profits – Now Breakeven and able to pay the rent!
    Current Value – $3,000,000
    Projected Value Next Week – $200,000,000!!!!!!
    You Make – 66,000% !!!
    Buy it now. This is a freebie just for readers of BW stock promotions e-mail list.

  2. George, that was PRICELESS. Well done.