Why Alien Didn’t IPO

I couldn’t figure out why Alien Technology, the fast-growing maker of RFID chips, pulled its IPO last Friday. Sure, the IPO market was crummy, but Alien still struck me as a company that should have been able to pull it off.

So why didn’t it? It turns out that the company’s CFO was formerly the CFO at Rambus, and through the latter company is lnked to the current option backdating scandal sweeping through the tech industry.

[via TheStreet.com]


  1. The proprietary Fluidic Self Assembly low cost tags are already a cash cow !!
    They already have IBM and Sun Microsystems to have their RFID middleware embedded. Their technology also is featured in Microsoft’s .Net offerings…
    IPO exit at this would be carazy.. all they need is addtional funding and a little cost cutting and they will be ahead of the curve from the other players.. in terms top line revenue (at least !!)
    anyhoot, thats my opinion only !