When Did You Last Take a Big Risk?

When did you last take a risk? Not a street-crossing kind of risk, nor even a flew-international-with-contact-lens-fluid risk, but a really life-changing one, where you had to lose sight of the shore, metaphorically speaking, to get to where you wanted to go?

I don’t particularly care whether your risk worked out or not, more when you last took a big chance. It could be personal or professional; it could have been a move to a new city for a changed job and career, or even having kids without being sure you were “ready”. I just want to know about the last time you took really honking big risk.

The poll is below, and scroll down for more options (as an aside, I really don’t like that aspect of the Dpolls applet):

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  1. riskybusiness says:

    Where’s never? I don’t feel like I’ve ever taken a large risk. Most of my life has been highly planned out and all the big choices made around facts and minimizing so called ‘big risks’.

  2. “Never” is there. The silly Dpolls screen requires you to scroll down for all options.

  3. Where’s tomorrow?

  4. riskybusiness says:

    You’re right. That’s some poor design by dpolls.