The Web 2.0 Traffic List

Seth Godin has pointed to a great Web 2.0 traffic watch list that the folks at Alexaholic have put up for him. Fascinating stuff, especially at the extremes, where there has been virtually no movement in the top twenty, and huge movement in the bottom two hundred. Granted, some of that is an artifact of the list length — it is easier to move up 90 places on a 900-item list if you start in position 900 than if you start in position 91 — but it’s still good stuff.


  1. Anonymous says:

    My personal web page, with family pictures and no blog or updated content, would be number 832 on this list. Should I be a Web 2.0 company?

  2. Add some Ajax and you’re in.

  3. I’m finding Alexa’s data to no longer be useful these days. For my company’s site, Alexa’s data is completely off and doesn’t reflect the major month-over-month growth we’re seeing (which is being confirmed by multiple third-party sources).
    It used to be, you could rationalize Alexa by saying “well, it’s the trend you need to look at, not the numbers”. Well, even the trend is wrong.
    I contacted Alexa and asked them about it and they basically brushed the inquiry off, recommending we promote Alexa Toolbar to our customers if we wanted to see better Alexa numbers. (Sigh.)

  4. Paul – that week off knocked you down a full 10%!!

  5. Hey Paul,
    You can be in a Web 2.0 too, by creating a Web 2.0 logo here:

  6. Mike-
    Where is Altos on the list 😉
    We are 304– not too many of our users (women interested in health and fitness) have the toolbar installed, my guess is that close to zero do.