Spelunking the AOL Search Data

Two sites have popped up for wandering through the now-deleted and highly controversial AOL search data:


  1. You can try aolsearchlogs.com also

  2. After reading C|Net’s story — http://news.com.com/AOL+offers+disturbing+glimpse+into+users+lives/2100-1030_3-6103098.html?tag=nl — I’m sure there will be many lawsuits over AOL’s data release.
    There may even be suicides. Or, more hopefully, people who were planning suicide, murder, or crime who are deterred/prevented/helped by the public release.

  3. Thought this may be of interest.
    http://www.dontdelete now has following functions
    – See which keywords bring traffic to which URLs
    – Random User search
    – Top 500 keywords searched for
    Pretty interesting. More to follow

  4. Paul,
    Thanks for the pointers. I had some fun with them, searching for “TechCrunch”. Here’s my post about it:

  5. There’s a website to analyze and duscuss particular AOL users: http://aol.zanoza.lv/
    “My neighbour is killing cats”: http://aol.zanoza.lv/user/723190
    “ways to kill yourself”: http://aol.zanoza.lv/user/9486162
    “wife killer”: http://aol.zanoza.lv/user/17556639
    A Face Is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749: http://aol.zanoza.lv/user/4417749