Poll: Personal Storage

I was dumping out my backpack today and I realized something: I carry a lot of storage. Not including my laptop’s harddrive, I had a 1gb Nano, a 1gb card in my camera, and a 1gb card in my phone, for a 3gb total. That’s a lot of storage bouncing around in a backpack — more than 100 times the capacity of the first harddrive I ever owned — especially when you consider that as recently as five years ago I carried zero portable storage.

So, how much non-computer storage do you carry with you?

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  1. As the smallest Nano is 1GB, I suspect you mean all your ‘mb’ to be ‘GB’.

  2. Yes, a number of people pointed out the error to me in email within seconds of posting. It’s now fixed. Ugh.

  3. A bit of a selection bias in who responds to this survey. I would guess that the results are overstated because it’s a survey of people that take the time to (1) read blog posts about carrying storage and (2) respond to surveys about how much storage they carry.