Lost Hiker Self-Films Experience

On a technology level a video at the new DixX-created Stage6 site is an interesting example of a number of things: edge journalism, user content, and the ubiquity of lightweight digital video tools. The footage is of hiker Melissa Foo becoming separated from her husband on a hike in the San Bernardino Mountains near Los Angeles, spending a day-and-a-half in the wild, and then being found again.

We have solo footage of then-lost hiker Foo, pictures, and some self-shot footage of her husband. Whatever your feelings about the misadventure, and there is an intermix of Timothy Treadwell and Survivorman, this feels like one kind of new-new journalism.


  1. Definitely interesting stuff. The music in the background ruins the whole journalism aspect for me though.

  2. I’m the missing hiker in the video. When I got lost I had nothing but a water bottle and my digital camera (which also does ok quality video). Needless to say I had a lot of spare time sitting on a mountain wondering which way to go, so I ended up taking a lot of video diary type footage. I thought if I bonked my head on a rock and died in the wilderness, at least someone might find the camera and know what had happened to me. Happily that wasn’t necessary. My husband thankfully edited out the embarrassing weepy parts and put together the video as a way to share the experience with family members. He never expected this to be considered journalism. It’s more like a typical amateur home movie. :-)

  3. Wow, Mrs. Foo, I’m glad you made it out. I don’t know if I’d have thought to make a feature of the whole ordeal. It’s pretty and somehow kind of sad.
    Happy Birthday btw :)
    Take care,