I Heart My Treo 700

I’m liking my new Treo 700p phone/PDA/thingie. Having had a 600 and a 650, and now a 700 for a week or two, the thoughtful improvements continue, from interface on outward. In particular, I like the higher resolution and the EVDO support. Just add WiFi and you would have the ideal device.


  1. having issues with SMS yet?

  2. Nope, works like a charm.

  3. And yet they leave out the most thoughtful improvment of all – actually being reponsive when you click on something. Having used both the 650 and a Blackberry, it amazes me how slow the Palm OS is. Email on the Treo is no where even near the ball park of the RIM units.
    Have you had issues with having to restart it all the time?

  4. Really? I have used both and don’t find it slow at all. And it hasn’t crashed yet in a week or use, while my 650 crashed all the time.

  5. Higher resolution than the 650? I agree that the EVDO support is a big plus. As is the increased built-in memory. And I can type much more accurately on the square keys.
    It does, however, spontaneously restart itself much more frequently than the 650 did. I think Goodlink needs another update to work smoothly with the 700p.

  6. I just switched to the 700p from a bb. I asked a bunch of folks how they liked their Treo before switching and always heard positive comments. Well, I do kind of like it and the EVDO was a big reason.. but to get mail in real-time via IMAP really kills the battery. Using it as a phone and device, the battery is pretty much dead within 8hrs. (I’ve also had it restart several times in the first few days.)