How Many Income Sources Do You Have?

I saw this question asked elsewhere, and I’m curious about the answer. How many material income sources do you have personally? Materiality is obviously in the bank account of the beholder, but try to keep above at least a few thousand dollars.

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Another question, and you can put it in comments: How has that changed over time? I’ve certainly seen the number go up, but my feeling is that most people have more incomes sources than they did years ago, and more than their parents ever did.


  1. An interesting corollary to this would be how many of those sources were fixed and how many were variable/seasonal? I will be getting my real estate license by the end of the year, I hope, but the softening market in my area indicates to me that it is not a good time to enter the field as a rookie. After I get an active license, however, that second income source will be quite variable but my day job will remain fixed.

  2. How do you want members of two-income couples to answer (i.e., is the answer for such persons always at least two)?

  3. Am I the only who isn’t able to vote and just sees a small little “Powered by” graphic?

  4. We live in a free-agent world where flexibility is a must and where technology can help us bring in more income through freelancing, eBay, or many other side ventures.

  5. Mine has definitely gone up over time – not that I wouldn’t have wanted to have had consulting/publishing gigs before, but that they have scaled with my career. I just haven’t wanted to put all eggs in the proverbial one basket, and so am open to side things whenever they come up (provided they don’t hurt my primary “day job”).
    I also think the Internet has increased personal visibility for a lot of people, both to see new opportunities and for those new opportunity-holders to see you. This makes consulting gigs easier to find/find you.

  6. Yes, I have side income. I have 22 rental units and am constantly seeking other residual side income opportunities.
    Currently, I believe the internet (e-commerce, blogging, or other innovations) will be great ways to create residual, long tail, and/or side income in the future. Some will make millions others just spending money.
    We all need to consider this side income. People I know who have significant retirement assets are planning these side business?s for their golden years. Their primary reason is to keep themselves involved.