Google? Meet Google

Yeesh, when will these Google people starting talking to one another?

Case in point: the mobile versions of Gmail and Google Reader. The former allows you to go back to the first page (inbox) by pressing “0”, while the latter reserves that key for scrolling through messages — but it doesn’t give you a key to get back to the first page. Meanwhile, just to maintain the complete lack of synchrony, there is no key-based way to scroll through message pages in Gmail.

Turning to messages themselves, Google Reader allows you to select items to read by numbered each screen of things from 1-9. Nice. But Google Mail, in all its wisdom, provides no way to read messages without either tabbing through them, or clicking directly on the screen. Numbered messages? Apparently not allowed.

It’s so frustrating. Apparently Google, unlike its customers, either doesn’t use its own products, or sees no merit in  consistent product design.


  1. agreed. how about labels in gmail vs. labels in google bokmarks (and google base). google bookmarks has a slick auto complete label feature, while gmail relies on a drop down. may sem trivial until you have 70+ labels. very tedious indeed.