Gartner’s 2006 Hype Cycle

I’m generally of the view that Gartner’s hype cycle releases say more about Gartner than about technology markets — they are really about hype-ing its upcoming publishing schedule — but nevertheless, this year’s “emerging technologies” release is worth a look. Their three biggies are:

  • Web 2.0 (including social network analysis, which is actually a good enterprise-y way of looking at that aspect)
  • Real World Web (location-aware tech, sensors, etc.)
  • Applications architecture (software as a service, distributed apps, etc.)

There are useful further musings by Dion Hinchcliffe here, and Peter Rip here.


  1. where is “clean tech” on the map?
    Or maybe it ain’t “sexy” enough for Gartner??

  2. I never understood the fascination with Gartner. I guess they are some form of independent viewpoints in a world where everyone has the answer. But to assume they are strategic thought leaders and visionaries is rather hilarious. That sure is a purdy chart though. I bet they want to sell alot of them, huh?