Domaining and the iREIT Story

There is a useful, if somewhat breathless, article in the current DN Journal on the origins and growth of iREIT, a consolidator/aggregator in the domaining business. As the piece points out, just eighteen months after lauching the company controls 400,000 domains that receive around 50m visitors a month. The granny goto business is interesting, but massive domainers like this are in a very precarious balance with Google and ad networks.


  1. William Howard says:

    iREIT is an incredible success story. The founders of this company have found a niche of the online advertising market, completed over 60 transaction, have a staff of 45 people with over 400,000 domain names and over 50M unique visitors per month.,,, are all great domain names names and they’re growing at an phenomenal rate. Now, they’re offering this quality traffic directly to advertising and building their own advertising network.

  2. Yes,
    its incredible story about how Ireit has grown and achieved success. It was obvious…As internet expands more and more people will be searching of things that called Natural searches “Direct Navigation”. I am domain investor and feel that the domains and natural searches will continue to grow since their is too much at stake for search engines and advertising companies. In fact, some of my domains are,, Malibumoney,,,,,,

  3. prosper says: