Catching Up: Housing, Geotagging, and Press Releases

Here are some things work looking at that I may not get a chance to get to in more detail right away:

  • Agoracom will shortly launch a “Digg”-like service for press releases. It’s an interesting idea, one that could be useful if it helps sort through the stuff — but if it’s successful there will be a huge incentive for stock manipulators to play with the service.
  • Chip Griffin on why technologists need to get out of the house more regularly.
  • Flickr has added geotagging, and you can explore newly geographically located photos here.
  • John Mauldin’s latest letter on the “biggest slump in U.S. housing in the last 40 years”.
  • David Cowan on Disneyland, group think, and the singles line.