Catching Up

Some things worth reading/playing with:

  • Emanuel Derman on fridges, moths, and the perfect cage
  • Trafficland is expanding its network of realtime traffic cameras
  • TechCrunch mentions three IM-based RSS alerting services. This is nice, but when will someone finally figure out that there is a lucrative market for a desktop Bloomberg-killer providing realtime feeds of RSS traffic.It should be built on an IM base, like Jabber.
  • Farecast adds more cities, including San Diego, but with no foreign destinations. This is one of those services that I want to find useful, but so far hasn’t been. Basically it keeps telling me that air travel prices are going to rise as I get closer to the departure data, so I should buy now — which isn’t really news at all.
  • Dean “Segway” Kamen falls for the China fallacy: “There are 6 billion [people with feet] out there. If 1%-or take 0.1%-of them get Segways …”

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  1. Since there are probably only around 400,000,000 Chinese who can even afford decent shoes ….

  2. John K says:

    “The Segway Riddle”
    Hmm.. The answer is obvious isn’t it? Cheaper, more reliable solutions exist to a problem that not many people actually have.
    Even at Google, more mundane scooters built on 50′s-era “strap a lawn-mower engine to a skateboard” technology dominate.
    Dozens of Google’s old Segway’s sit as lame dinosaurs in the lobby areas – laying broken, for the most part, while the employees whiz around the campus on cheap (