Catching Up

Some things worth reading/playing with:

  • Emanuel Derman on fridges, moths, and the perfect cage
  • Trafficland is expanding its network of realtime traffic cameras
  • TechCrunch mentions three IM-based RSS alerting services. This is nice, but when will someone finally figure out that there is a lucrative market for a desktop Bloomberg-killer providing realtime feeds of RSS traffic.It should be built on an IM base, like Jabber.
  • Farecast adds more cities, including San Diego, but with no foreign destinations. This is one of those services that I want to find useful, but so far hasn’t been. Basically it keeps telling me that air travel prices are going to rise as I get closer to the departure data, so I should buy now — which isn’t really news at all.
  • Dean “Segway” Kamen falls for the China fallacy: “There are 6 billion [people with feet] out there. If 1%-or take 0.1%-of them get Segways …”


  1. Since there are probably only around 400,000,000 Chinese who can even afford decent shoes ….

  2. “The Segway Riddle”
    Hmm.. The answer is obvious isn’t it? Cheaper, more reliable solutions exist to a problem that not many people actually have.
    Even at Google, more mundane scooters built on 50’s-era “strap a lawn-mower engine to a skateboard” technology dominate.
    Dozens of Google’s old Segway’s sit as lame dinosaurs in the lobby areas – laying broken, for the most part, while the employees whiz around the campus on cheap (