BusinessWeek’s Correction on Digg Story

It had to happen. BusinessWeek has put up a correction to its wrongheaded and controversial Digg cover story of a few weeks back (“How this kid made $60m in 18 months”). After all, founder Kevin Rose never made $60-million (or $6-million, or $600,000, etc.) from Digg, so it was inevitable that BusinessWeek would have to apologize for its puffery, right?

Well, not really. Here, from this week’s issue, is the correction:

In our Aug. 14 cover story on, we incorrectly described the offices of the San Francisco Bay Guardian as grungy. We regret the error.

That’s it guys, you have BusinessWeek on the run, they’re …. waitaminute. The magazine is offering a correction as to the cleanliness of the SFBG newspaper’s offices? Apparently making up a number like $60-million is still okay, but calling another newspaper’s abode a mess is just not on. Good to know.


  1. Hi, Paul. First, BW reports back in March that Facebook is holding out for $2B after rejecting an offer for $750M…something denied by Facebook.
    Now they publish an equally controversial story about DIGG. Strategy to grab the attention of the tech crowd? Don’t know – but they are getting it. Unfortunately, it will be a long time before I treat anything in BW seriously.
    Rather, BW is fast approaching tabloid status – and that can’t be good for long term business.

  2. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon says:

    Um, it is entirely possible that the writer of the mea culpa was just being a smarty-pants. I mean, BW must have only heard 10000 times how that 60 mil number is funny math, so instead of posting a correction to what everyone already knows was wrong, they decided to be funny by posting an apology about some minute irrelevant detail.
    Dry humor, I think they call it…