Apple and Google Sitting in a Tree, S-p-e-w-i-n-g

I love my friend Om to death, but he’s been sniffing too many Mac vapors if he really believes that Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s new presence on Apple’s board is “worries for everyone”.

Given that it is the leaders of two of the stronger cults of personality in the Valley coming together, it might better be described as the heads of two particularly funky New Age cults finding one another on a long weekend at Esalen. Sure, it feels earth-shattering to the true believers, but the rest of us can be forgiven for having little interest in all the over-aggrandized silliness being spewed.


  1. The blogging populace thrives on the sensational. The fact is, most people don’t understand how many boards possess executives from other quasi-related companies, so when it happens they attribute it to a grand partnership.