Surprising Spam Success

The most surprising thing to me in the new Ciphertrust study of the most successful spam categories isn’t that porn is most effective in inducing action (280 times more so than the runner-up), or that pharmacy drugs are next most effective.

No, the real surprise is that Rolex watches are the third most successful spam category (at 0.0075% click-thru). Who are these people who can’t help themselves from buying a Rolex after being spammed?


  1. Paul, in a world of piracy and knock-offs, the Rolex responses make sense. The real surprise is who would respond to spam about pharmacy drugs, let alone purchase them!

  2. Good point. It says something about spam-screwed up I am that buying dangerous substancew like pharmaceuticals online seems unsurprising to me, while buying a watch seems, you know, kooky.

  3. Ah, interesting and timely. I was wondering the same thing here , in a post titled Social Spam and Spam Incentives.
    Pharmacy? Pills? Breast enhancements and penis enlargements? School loans? Who gets those things from scam sites!? I just don’t get who clicks on that stuff that it makes it profitable for some people to spend all day spreading spam around.