Podcasting is All Tail

A new study suggests that there is millions to made by the biggest podcasting producers, which is nice. But there is a problem. To put it in long tail parlance, the podcasting market is “all tail”: No podcast cited by respondents to the study got more than one mention.


  1. Sounds like an area where recommender systems will be useful. How else will people discover the interesting podcasts?

  2. fartikus says:

    considering how many podcasts are being created, millions in return isn’t much. podcasts strike me as a failing experiment that even the insanely generous mutual hype society of the blogosphere could not salvage.

  3. Hi Paul,
    Have you tried to create a few podcast episodes and compare how effective than appearing on CNBC? Could be a great for paid subscription model.
    Just remember the tip when you make your first $million 😉

  4. Russ — And bring down the scorn of fartikus? You must be joking!
    More seriously, audiovisual media is hard, really hard. For now I’ll think I’ll leave it to the pros at CNBC and simply keep responding to questions…

  5. Interesting issues on the podcasting front. I find a lot of value in the time shifting of podcasts and accessing experts that I would otherwise not hear from first hand.
    The issue of finding the gold among the millions of podcasts is real. I’m using a new site called Pluggd (http://www.pluggd.com) that is a recommender system as mentioned in the first comment above.
    Disclosure – I’m also an investor in Pluggd.
    — brian

  6. The only podcast I’ve ever enjoyed is the diggnation one. 2 guys sitting on a couch, drinking a new beer and discuss some of the latest news articles that have been tagged as popular.
    The reason their podcast is actually good, I’m sure, is because they’re experienced tv hosts. They were on G4 or TechTV or whatever that american tech tv channel is and it’s easy to see that they know how to act in front of a camera.
    Personally, other than a few exceptions, I think youtube is as good as it gets for podcasts. Pure audio is just annoying and I tune it out involuntarily because I can’t just sit there and listen while staring at a wall or something. Other than the small while driving to work niche, I can’t see any audio-only podcasts (even really good ones) ever getting a good amount of traction.

  7. “I’ll think I’ll leave it to the pros at CNBC and simply keep responding to questions…”
    I guess responding questions to Maria could easily worth a $million. 😉 just don’t make the same Bernake’s remarks that caused stock prices to plunge.