Mexico/U.S. Border Death Zones

Sad and harrowing figure showing where illegal immigrants have died, this year and last, along the U.S./Mexico border.

Immigrant mortality along U.S./Mexico border

[via San Diego U-T]


  1. 1) It would be interesting to see deaths vs approx number crossing at each location to get a sense of how dangerous each crossing is. Then I’d want to know the number picked up by the INS too, so I could get a handle on where my best chance of crossing safely was.
    2) Every time I see the guys hanging out on the street corners of San Rafael looking for work I ask myself how bad would it have to be for me to travel 2,500 miles to Guatemala City and stand on a street corner and hope that someone hired me at 10 bucks an hour. And I thank my lucky stars I don’t have to do that…and I wish they didn’t have to either.
    — Frank