Google Remains a One-Property Pony

In looking at the Hitwise data for Google’s Top 20 properties I was reminded again how skewed Google’s traffic remains. Properties 4 through 20 — Google News to Google – Local — have the same combined traffic as Google Mail, which is only Google’s third-ranked property.

In addition to how concentrated Google traffic remains — even when you take out core search — it’s also worth considering the percentage of top Google properties launched within, say, the last two years. The answer: None of the top five.


  1. Although it doesn’t change the overall picture, I think it’s worth noting that site visits do not properly represent usage in some of these Google properties, e.g. Desktop Search and AdWords.

  2. Fair comment, but as you say Zoli, it doesn’t change the traffic picture in any meaningful way.

  3. The comparison of traffic across Google’s own properties is not meaningful. It is perfectly likely that GMail or GCalender or whatever will *always* be a small percentage of Google’s own traffic. The proper comparison is how do those services compare against their peers? So GMail vs Yahoo Mail, GFinance vs …
    and so on.

  4. Okay, but those are two different points. Assuming equivalent (eventual) monetization strategies — i.e., ads — the relative traffic share of each of Google’s properties is indicate of the company’s ability to diversify across (eventual) revenue streams. So far, the company is a long way from being anything other than a one (very successful) property pony.

  5. I wonder though if these stats get skewed because Googles “” search actually kicks back results across many of their different apps/services.
    For example search “Pizza, toronto” and it automatically gives you not just the search results but also direct links to the Google Local results.

  6. Great day to be smug about Google Paul :)
    It seems obvious that the next big thing Google does (if they ever do) won’t incrementally grow over time, instead it will have myspace or youtube shaped growth.
    Something to do with TV ads, or being an ISP or whatever it is…
    In the meantime, their dominance of the single most important category just increases…

  7. Long Tail?

  8. I think the “one trick pony” meme is a little tired. If one compares Google with Microsoft’s products, its easy to note that Windows and Office contributes around the same percentage as Google’s one horse. For a 25 year old company thats pretty pathetic (even after discounting for anti-trust violations). So I’ll give Google some slack and time to discover golden goose #2.