Google Fun Factoids

From a funky new piece about Google’s penchant for pushing the frontiers of what a software firm should do:

  • Google is among AMD’s five largest clients, and is the largest customer that does not make computers to resell
  • Google is giving every sign that it is getting into semiconductor design
  • Most of the hundreds of thousands of computers at Google are custom Google designs
  • Google is the fourth largest maker of servers in the world, after Dell, HP, and IBM


  1. I was most amused by the Bill Gates quotes – his grammar mistakes, and the stratospheric level of denial he’s in about how far Google is ahead of Microsoft.
    The other fun factoid I’d add is how much memory Google buys, and how they are like an institutional stock holder in that they need a bunch of beards to buy memory so as to not upset global pricing and pay too much.
    There’s no liquidnet for Google’s hardware purchasing needs.

  2. Yes, I liked those Gates quotes too. Truly adrift stuff.

  3. fartikus says:

    another google hagiography, but there is a kernel of truth in that these massive data farmers have to do something to at least deal with power consumption….these large farms have astounding appetites. i thik the public underestimates how sensitive this industry is to energy costs.

  4. “what a software firm should do”
    Is that what they are?
    Hardware and softwrae are split into two industries for a gaggle of reasons; but I think the most serious driver was Microsoft’s choice to commoditize it’s complement, i.e. the PC hardware business. The arguement can be made that the open source movement stands on the dirt that Gates forced into existance.
    It ain’t obvious to me that the split between hardware and software is a stable longterm state for these giant web hubs. But then, it’s not obvious, that that hubs should be plural.

  5. What Google is doing is interesting, but creating hardware for specialized services is not what Dell, IBM and HP are doing.
    And yes, Google is ahead of Microsoft in search engines, but not much else. When it comes to selling actual things to actual customers, besides advertising, Google isn’t (please read their financial reports before replying. The ignorance of what Google is and what it isn’t astounds me.)

  6. I think Bill Gates is right, what does it matter if Google has hundreds of thousands of servers? All these servers are bought with technology from a year ago. The CPU speeds are now nearly 2x as fast. MSFT can buy half the servers and pay half the Electrical bill and have the same performance.
    I don’t think owning hundreds of thousands of servers that are obsolete the second they are installed is a great asset. In Jan when the Quad Cores for AMD come out it will once again change the performance game.

  7. What about the news that Google is also SUN machines with the low power demand design ?
    If MSFT spends 2 billion dollars on infrasturture for software as a service, it may be too soon to say Google is way ahead..