Floyd Landis as Internet Stock

Today’s stage of the Tour de France was incredible. To see (San Diego guy) Floyd Landis break away early in the stage, and then stay away — especially after his jour sans yesterday — was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen in a bike race.

Check out out his Betfair odds graph to see how his Net-stock-like high-volatility performance today turned a lot of punters upside-down by making Landis back into a race favorite from a no-hoper:


  1. One struggles to file this stage in the appropriate annals of tour history. That’s the gutsiest ride I’ve ever seen.

  2. Absolutely. While I’ve seen would-be GC-contenders attack from far out in the last TdF mountain stages, no-one had the engine to maintain it to the finish like Landis did. Incredible. One for the memory banks.

  3. One has to wonder what the deal is with CSC. They have an incredibly strong team and yet they just simply refuse to aggressively take control of this race. How in God’s name do they let Pereiro & Co. waddle down the course as Landis is burning up the asphault like that? I kept wonder at what time gap does CSC actually make a f**ing effort here. That team is an embarassment to the Tour. Go Floyd!

  4. Isn’t Floyd a PA guy, not CA? Anyway, amazing ride, but point well taken re: CSC team squandering Pereiro’s position.

  5. Couldn’t agree more. The best answer I could come up with on CSC is that Pereiro wasn’t feeling very strong in the middle of the stage, so they had no choice but to let the gap grow as large as it did. Failing that, it was some truly crummer poker playing by CSC’s Riis.
    And Tom, Landis is a San Diego guy, or at least has been recently.

  6. I agree. I simply think CSC and the other teams had rubber legs today. Landis would have this wrapped up if he hadn’t bonked yesterday. I heard he missed his food checkpoint. A major no-no in the mountains. Same thing happened to Armstrong. I believe that was last year when he cracked on a mountain stage after missing his meal stop?? Everyone thought he was finished as well. Betfair odds post is quite cool. We could actually see a mad sprint right onto the Champs-Elysees as occured with Lemond if the time trials aren’t decisive.
    Floyd is a Mennonite from Pennsylvania Dutch country. Moved to Kalyfornia to pursue his biking career. A buddy of mine is also Mennonite but he joined us “English” and decided an eight grade education wasn’t enough. Now he’s a greedy millionaire. So much for humility.