Why Steve Ballmer Must Be Fired, Part II

This video is disturbingly funny watching (and the second half is better than the first), especially if you’ve seen Young Frankenstein and the infamous Steve Ballmer “monkey boy” video. On top of the Kafka-esque “hunger artist” routine being imposed on Windows Vista to drag it to launch, it’s just another reminder, if needed, why Ballmer must go.


  1. blofeld says:

    huh? ballmer must go because he acts zany? I would have thought financial performance would be a more apt criteria. how very continental of you.

  2. This is part of an ongoing series of rants from me. I’ve already pointed out that some of Microsoft’s recent financial issues can be rightly tied to Ballmer’s mismanagement of analysts, so this is just more of same, albeit on a more personal level.
    This is, after all, a guy who blew out the whole MSFT earnings recovery story for 2006/7. If he hadn’t done that he could have continued to be my favorite monkey boy for a while longer.