Why No Gmail Storage Increments?

Google continues to baffle me. This morning it announced Picasa Web to link its desktop photo organizing app to a personal 250mb inhouse photo sharing site, alongside of which the company announced it would allow you to upgrade to 6gb of storage for $25/year.

That’s nice, but here’s my question: Why the hell hasn’t Google announced the same thing for Gmail? As I and others continue to point out, we heavy Gmail users are steadily running out of account space, and Google has no response, beyond the tacit notion that you get another Gmail account once the first one fills.  What silliness.

Listen guys: I would cheerfully pay $25 /yr per 6gb storage increment. Get on with it already.

[Update] Apparently Google employees get 1 tb Gmail limits. Nuts.


  1. Me too, I’d gladly pay that much. The only problem that Google might encounter is some sort of “guarantee” that it actually keep all your email.
    Note also that flickr charges $29.00 per year for unlimited storage (!> 6 GB). I use flickr primarily for cheap backup (sorry Caterina…).

  2. Paul four things stand out why gmail is not offering paid premium sevices:
    – Potentially limited no. of such subscribers For example, very recently, Yahoo withdrew its premium service for similar reasons.
    – Free to paid service calls for additional features – but somebody else coud be offering it free.
    – You can sell more ads /increase adsense reach by keeping email services free .
    – Gmail is still way behind Hotmail & Yahoo in terms of number of subscribers.

  3. fartikus says:

    the number of users who really need more than 2gb is so miniscule that it would not be worth it for them to offer the service
    there is hope for you PK, i will use this opportunity to hawk the service i use – fastmail.fm. truly a boutique provider. you can buy as much storage as you want. they provide IMAP/POP, **scriptable** filters on the server (far beyond what anything google/yahoo etc will ever offer), file storage, DAV, etc etc etc
    you can have them handle the MX file for kedrosky.com. you can have virtually unlimited full-qualified aliases (i have aliases in sent.as and other domains). etc etc
    google and yahoo are not in the boutique market.

  4. @sadago:
    – the paid version would be alongside the free (e.g. free: 2 gb, paid: 10 gb). so no problems with diminishing user numbers
    – i think there are quite many people in need of more space. i would gladly pay.
    – if there are enough people in need of more space for fotos but not for email to warrant the administrative overhead of payments, why not bundle the two: for 25$, you get 10 gb which you can use for fotos AND/OR email

  5. I’d imagine the market for users actually paying for services like flickr and email is quite small. Us geeks have no problems paying for a such a service, but how many joe-shmos actually care?
    Gmail’s user base might be considerable smaller than Yahoo or Hotmail, but are they making money off it like Google is? I don’t know, but I doubt it.

  6. Why indeed? Gmail would do very well out of a paid service. I, and many other professionals I know, actually use Gmail as an everyday mail client (voluntarily, instead of Outlook/Exchange which my company runs, because I travel frequently and find Gmail to be much more reliable across different types of connections around the world). I am up against my 3Gb limit after using Gmail for about a year, and would pay much more than $29 for instant relief from the daily grind of deleting old messages to let new messages in. I’d pay $100. Right now. Google, are you listening?